There are many players that have had a large contribution to the Solar Conquest community, and this page is to recognize those players.

Cocoawarrior Edit

Cocoawarrior is notable because he is the creator of Solar Conquest, and without him, we wouldn't have a game to be talking about in this wiki.

Azjack Edit

Azjack is the one mostly credited for discovering the Black Hole Spam glitch, which is capable of completely lagging a server out till it is unplayable, with no good way to stop it. Azjack does not often use this glitch, and is only the discoverer, but the effects of this glitch are so great that other players started using it, and many servers of solar conquest have councils just to make sure the glitch isn't used in the server. Azjack is also an incredible Ship-builder.

Taletal0n Edit

Taletal0n is a notable player because he is one of the best glitchfinders/researchers in the game, has been a major player in many servers, is arguably the most powerful player in gear fighting that constantly plays Solar conquest, is being a major writer on this Wiki, and an incredible shipbuilder, so much so he's widely credited for the creation of several common custom ships. He is also credited for discovering the Quantum Entangler glitch.

Wolfsif Edit

Wolfsif is a notable player because he is one of the primary researchers in Solar conquest, who's primary goal was to reach the new solar system from the old solar system. He is also working on the spiritual remake of Solar Conquest, Galaxy Blues.


Faheemster is largerly credited for discovering the rapid fire fighter glitch, and applying it in a battle. This had a huge impact on the Solar Conquest community, as many players and teams started using this to win battles much faster and easier than what would've been possible otherwise, and it's become a standard to use rapid fire fighters when planning an attack.