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The planet of Kathara.

 Kathara is a red home planet in the old solar system. It is located in between the dark brown planet and Javion.


Kathara's terrain is composed of a sandy desert with rocky hills surrounding it. It has a small cave beside the spawn area.

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Kathara's surface.


There are usually two types of players who join Kathara:


These Katharians usually prefer to make Kathara as large and as powerful as they can, and do not care for the overall state of the solar system, but rather what happens in Kathara. These players usually aren't at odds with other planets unless another team's ship enters the amtosphere without permission, where these Katharians will openly fire. This playstyle is usually prey to deleters. One notable player is Russhu.


These players usually don't align with any planet in particular, however, when they do align with a planet, it is usually Kathara due to their ships being rumored to point towards the other solar system. These Katharians usually spend their time testing glitches and mechanics of the game using a combination of tools and gear. Because of this, gear users usually are these kinds of players. These players usually avoid conflict by either giving strong weapons to other planets(Such as rapid fire fighters) or having absurdly powerful gear fighters fend anyone who tries to attack off. Some notable players are Taletal0n and Wolfsif.