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Javion with Kathara and the brown planet.

 Javion is an orange home planet in the old solar system. It is in be It can be easily identified by it's silver asteroid belt and bright orange color.  It is located in between Kathara and the black planet, and is directly underneath the dark blue planet. Players who inhabit are usually referred to as "Javians", "Javionians", or the slang term "Yavi".


Javion's terrain mainly consists of a desert with large mesas. It has a small cave underneath the spawning area and is the only planet to have a natural bridge.
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Javion's surface.


Javion is usually controlled by players who want to have as many space battles as they can. This often leads to them being at odds with some of the other planets, but they usually are too busy enjoying themselves to bother caring. Some notable players that usually join Javion are Noahsm234, Doomaster543, Zaiishi_Kizami and legendsword359.