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 Havalu is a blue Earth-like planet in the old solar system. Like Javion, Havalu has a silver asteroid bel
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Surface of Havalu.

t. It is located in between the black planet and Foroth.


Havalu is known for it's lush, tropical landscape. It's terrain is composed of a large ocean and tropical islands. It has many palm trees and is the most earth-like planet in the old solar system. It is also the only main planet to contain a body of water.


Havalu, as a playerbase, usually is the planet that cares the most about galatic affairs. This constantly puts them at odds with Javion and Isolationists at times, as Havalu generally wants the galaxy to work together towards a common goal, which can directly contradict what Javion and Isolationists want at times. Havalu players general are great at building as well.